Bird's Mile Home Self Titled

2010 · Minor Bird Records · 001

A retrospective album of what these lads can do. From the opening energy through the acoustic ballads to the folk-laden waltz finishing out the album. BMH bring it all forward on this album. Rez Punk

2011 · Minor Bird Records · 002

4 track 7" from these three young native boys from Browning Montana. 4 track 7" with accompanying car with bonus tracks. Energetic punk rock taking us back to the era when Black Flag and the Descendents ruled the scene.

Ambassador Gun "Rich"

2011 · Minor BirdRecords · 003

Minneapolis' Ambassador Guns prelude 7 inch to signing with prosthetic Records. 2 tracks of melodic grind to blow your ear holes out. Fans of Botch or Converge may find solace in this spinning round and round.

Squalora "Hell is Other People"

2011 · Minor Bird Records · 004

These boys have spent a lot of time dropping the hardcore on our ears. Former members of Wantage USA roster band Ass End Offend. A move to Portland, restructuring and new focus brought forth to us Squalora. This is their second release and is titled Hell is Other People. Hardcore done correctly without pushing ideals on the listener. This album has wits and will make you think. Dedicated to George Carlin and on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

The Trashies "Space Jam"

2011 · Minor Bird Records · 005

The Trashies crawled out of the gutter to bring the third installment of defilement on the ear drums. This album is chock full of trashy classics to amaze the profoundly dumb and the doubtful. Make sure to grab this and their new record on 1234 go out soon.

Tacocat "Womans Day" 7"

2012 · Minor Bird Records · 006

3 parts the go go's and one part Larry Bird's hippie son. Tacocat have been a favorite of ours for quite some time. 4 tracks entailing David Hasselhoff, Tonya and Nancy, skate witches and a psychic cat telling of your death. Great things are ahead of this band and we are so stoked to have this as MBR-006. Pick one up before they are gone.

The Plurals/Black Sparrow Press split

2014 · MBR, Something Dancy, GTG · 009

2 tracks from Lansing Michigans The Plurals and 2 tracks from San Pedro, CA's Black Sparrow Press.