Bird's Mile Home - Self-titled LP/CD MBR-001


Bird's Mile Home on their self titled LP/CD combine country and folk with their punk roots. 13 tracks of energetic-true anthems with meaning. Singin' starts it of blistering into the chorus. On through to the more sentimental Winona. Moving through to Family Portrait written about the writings of Sherman Alexie. Say the Young Pioneers meet Drag the River full on yet stripped down at times. Throw this on and have the first circle pit hoedown in your bedroom- just watch out for the record player. There is a chance your Mom and Dad might be able to tolerate this one


  1. Singin'
  2. Ain't Like Knowin'
  3. JB
  4. Bleed
  5. Let's Die in War
  6. Winona
  7. Nothing But Color
  8. Two
  9. Crippled Ships
  10. Laws & Lies
  11. White Cross Mile Markers
  12. Coffee Comes Cold
  13. Family Portrait, Thanks Sherman
  14. A Walk Goodbye
Pressing Information

180 gram vinyl. hand-stamped, hand-numbered, comes with digital download. Limited to 524.
Recorded at Club Schmed in Missoula MT. Mastered by Chris at Hanszek AV. LP also includes insert with lyric sheet. As local as we could do it.