The Trashies "Space Jam" LP/CD MBR-005


Featuring members of TACOCAT, The Unnatural Helpers and Uzi Rash

A white mold smear. A parking lot. The crusted resin of a pipe once
brimful with bees. Less than none.
The TRASHIES scum-wave crashes on the shores of a new landfill, the
waxen filth gyre of yr inner ear. Cornfed free range compulsive
creators of unnecessary necessity resurface from a survivalist cocoon to place
in yr ham-fists a trash platter: "Space Jam". Ricky, Billy Goat, J.C.,
and thee Wolfman present the latest definitive statement from
northwest trashcore, the new
dumb. 6 small label singles marked the beginning of the Trashies
non-evolution, A tea-bag dingle dangle berry on the face of music was
2004's "Life Sucks Trash Fuck" and left was wrong in 2006's "What
Makes a Man Get
Trashed?". And now, with 4 years of chud baby handshakes under their
rehab belt, the TRASHIES return with a renewed commitment to questions
marks, et cetera, and non-reality. "Songs" such as Destroy, Bug
Smoker, and the evocative tale/future graphic novel & short film Mongo
Jumanji Chillwigger IV tell the tales of four fools flinging ideas
back and forth for fun. These scumlords hit the road on their 9th tour
again as gas powered magnates to spread vom on the salted plains of
the greatest country on earth. Space Jam was recorded at 24/7 haus 2.0
by the Trashies. "Freedom isn't free, it's 5$ a gallon."- Mongo Jumanji Chillwigger IV


  1. White Mold
  2. Schultz Mask Replica
  3. Negative Zero
  4. Penultimate Betrayal Blazer
  5. Paved Reality
  6. Bug Smoker
  7. Sippin' on a Coolie
  8. Destroy
  9. Eat Where U Shit
  10. Freeformwar
  11. Mongo Jumanji Cillwigger IV

Pressing Information

LP version comes on translucent yellow with brown splatter vinyl. Full color covers with insert-hand numbered. This is the scumlords first collaboration in four years. They wrote and recorded this in a stupor at the 24/7 house in Seattle. Mastered by Chris at Hanszek AV in Washington.