Squalora "Hell is Other People" LP/CD MBR-004


Ex-AEO now based in Portland Oregon bring forth some brutal hardcore. Squalora equals Hardcore/ Crust from Portland, minus the social clique, minus an anger management program, and multiplied by exponential misanthropy. 8 songs clocking in at 30 minutes in the vein of Neurosis or Amebix with undertones of Hammerhead. Recorded by Stan Wright/ Buzz or Howl Studios. Mixed by Billy Anderson. Mastered by Mammoth.


  1. Graffitti
  2. Killed By Dolphins
  3. Of This Earth
  4. Shooting Stars Over Vsetin
  5. Consistency
  6. Denominations
  7. S.O.A.
  8. Frozen Parallax

Pressing Information

Vinyl:180 gram vinyl with digital download. This ships media mail for free in the U.S.