King Elephant "Exhaust" MBR-008


Missoula's GDBH came onto the scene a few years back when a couple of these 20 somethings were still attending high school in Browning Montana. After GDBH called it an end, King Elephant hit the scene and added some more harmonies and a skosh more rhythm to their. Here is their 30 minute opus to Montana and the Northwest for all to hear.


  1. Your Too Old For Science...
  2. Pirate Battles on a Poorly Built Ship
  3. You Should Know
  4. Old Cars, Old Houses
  5. Someone Save the Children!
  6. Getaway Driver
  8. Song for a Childhood Friend
  9. In D
  10. Time vs Place
  11. and Too Old for Your Wife!
Pressing Information

Limited edition of 300 on grey specked vinyl